Metal Version of the 'Walking Dead' Theme Song (and the Morning Links)

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04.26.12 7 Comments

Make this the real theme song and get rid of Carl Face, and you might win me yet, “Walking Dead.” Oh: obligatory DIE LORI DIE comment. (Via)

Justin Halpern: The 6 Types of People You Meet During TV Pilot Season & Live Discussion Thread — One of his favorite “Simpsons” episodes is one of MY favorite “Simpsons” episodes. I like this guy. (Film Drunk)

Here’s How 8 Music Festivals Can Have Their Own “Hologram Tupac” Moment — (Uproxx)

Obama Wandered Into a College Bar In Boulder and This Pic Happened — I really hope “South Park” references this in next week’s episode. (Uproxx)

5 Albums Coming Out This Week That Don’t Suck — St. Vincent > Everything else (Uproxx)

Air Sex World Championship Preliminaries Happened Last Night In Austin — I bet there’s a German word that means, “Somewhere between turned on and disgusted.” (With Leather)

The “Make It Rain” Chronicles: 40 Timeless Strip Club Songs — NOT the Birthday Party’s “Nick the Stripper.” (Smoking Section)

Funny, Sexy, and Awesome Cosplay of the Week — Click just for the very attractive lady on slide one. (Gamma Squad)

45 Totally Superficial Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Should Run For President In 2016 — SHE IS CLIN-TON. (BuzzFeed)

9 Fake Foods We’d Eat Before Pizza Hut’s Cheeseburger Pizza — Pretty much everything from our TV Gourmet series. (HuffPo)

Some Study That I Used to Know: The College Humor Gotye Parody — Weird Al parody: “Some Potty That I Used to Know.” (College Humor)

These Guys Took In a Concert Doubleheader with Creed and Nickelback, So We Don’t Have to — “These guys” means Chuck Klosterman, so the article’s funny and articulate, yet overwritten. Classic Chuckles. (Fark)

11 Crappiest Movies of Robert Downey Jr.’s Career — Now that it’s not 2007-2008 anymore, we can go back to being mildly annoyed at RJD’s obnoxious antics, right? (Pajiba)

9 More People Who Became Internet Memes — Baby Godfather is gonna have a rough go of it in third grade. (Mental Floss)

Is Facebook Stock a Bad Investment? — Still waiting for my Friendster pay day. (The Week)

Bob Odenkirk Stars in Tenacious D’s “Tinnitus” Video — Better call the D. (Death + Taxes)

Who (or What) Topped Forbes’ 15 Richest Fictional Characters? — Jesus. Interest rates have really helped that guy over the past 2,012 years. (The FW)

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