‘Metalocalypse’ Needs Your Help To Provide A Fitting Encore Performance

10.25.15 4 years ago 11 Comments

Fans of series like Firefly, Hannibal and Constantine can attest that there is nothing worse than a series that is cut down and cancelled before it’s given a proper finale. This explains why the creator of Metalocalypse, Brandon Small is spearheading a movement that will allow him to give his series the closure that it needs.

In a joint effort with music video game Rocksmith, Snall has been running “Metalocalypse Now” which is an effort to have the show’s fans galvanize in an effort to sway the powers-that-be at Adult Swim and Hulu to co-finance the swan song for the series entitled, Metalocalypse: The Army Of The Doomstar: The Final Chapter.

The Change.org petition is now in its final week as the end game is to persuade Hulu to air the intended mini-series. Small claims that he brought the idea of the planned series finale to Adult Swim, but they rejected the proposal, claiming that it would be too expensive to do.

If you happen to a fan of the series who wants for your voice to be heard, and, too, to have the show to reach its proper grand finale, head over to this site to help out. Do not forget to read the manifesto and be very active on social media as this grassroots campaign reaches its crescendo.

(Via A.V. Club)

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