‘Miami Vice’ Is Getting A TV Reboot From Vin Diesel


Miami Vice, for many, is the quintessential ’80s show, and there’s a reason for that. Michael Mann and the show’s production team went into exacting detail to capture the look, sound, and feel of Miami in the 1980s, right down to having cover bands do contemporary pop hits in the background of scenes. And now Vin Diesel is taking a shot at bringing it back.

Variety reports that Diesel is working with some longtime Fast And The Furious collaborators, like screenwriter Chris Morgan, in order to bring the show back. Whether it’ll be updated for the modern day, or whether it’ll stick to the era of pastel suits and feeling it coming in the air tonight doesn’t appear to have been answered yet, as the show is still finding producers and the deal is still being worked out. We hope it’s the former, because denying Flo Rida his chance to be on Miami Vice just seems vaguely cruel.

That said, we do wonder how the show will clear the creative hurdle facing it: How do Crockett and Tubbs not get shot on sight after like the third time they bust open a drug ring by going undercover? Do coke dealers just not trade notes on cops selling them out to the feds?

(via Variety)