Watch John Oliver And Michael Bolton Sing A Love Song To The IRS On ‘Last Week Tonight’

Jon Stewart used to be our go to guy for raising legitimate outrage over ridiculous situations in society, but after 15 years we’ve started to tune him out a bit. The new hotness in creating discussion about systemic stupidity is HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, which uses its one hour of TV a week to really hone in on specific terribleness — like our loss of privacy or the f*ckbarrel — and break it down in explicit detail.

On his latest episode he devoted 18 minutes to the IRS; that’s 3 minutes less than Jon Stewart gets for an entire episode of The Daily Show. Oliver used the time to do more than just get a couple of wise cracks in at the IRS’s expense. He actually turns the segment into something of a rallying cry to support the IRS, comparing the organization to our anus: not our favorite part of the body, but essential to keeping everything from turning to sh*t. Add in Michael Bolton belting out a power ballad for the tax collection agency, and you might be singing the same tune by the end as well.