Michael Ian Black Explains How Trump Got Elected With The Perfect Subway Sandwich Analogy

When historians look back on how Donald Trump was voted President of the United States during the 2016 election cycle, they’ll likely find it was a perfect storm of Bernie Sanders rising as an unforeseen force against Hillary Clinton, in turn disillusioning many young voters against the eventual Democratic nominee; emails; more emails; and the unfortunate nature of human beings to be entranced by an arguably charismatic demagogue.

Comedian Michael Ian Black has a much simpler explanation, however. During a visit to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Wednesday night, the Wet Hot American Summer actor explained that the damn whole thing can be summed up with sandwiches. Yes, sandwiches. And not just any sandwiches, but Subway sandwiches — as Black proceeded to spin a tale of B.M.T. subs (which he pointed out doesn’t even contain any deli meats that have names that begin with the letters “B,” “M,” or “T”) and cheese-less grilled chicken subs.

Despite Black’s claims of being a “Subway connoisseur” even with his questionable order of a grilled chicken sub with no cheese, jalapenos and mustard, in the end his analogy does actually make a bit of sense. We won’t spoil the outcome even though it does take him a minute to arrive at his conclusion, but the short answer is that you can chalk it up to “jerks like him.”