Michael Keaton’s Lost ‘SNL’ Sketch Paints ‘Blue’s Clues’ In An Ultra Creepy Light

This year’s SNL Easter episode starred Michael Keaton in an array of underwhelming sketches. People adored the Batman and Beetlejuice monologue, but only one actual sketch stood out from the crowd in a batsh*t crazy manner. The creepy Michael Keaton Easter basket segment will stand forever as the moment Keaton described Santa Claus as “an attention whore.”

Luckily, there’s one more creepy Michael Keaton sketch to fill the void. This parody sketch, which was cut for time, shows Keaton as the host of a children’s show. Yes, it’s pretty much Blue’s Clues, but with a foreclosure twist. The talking furniture and repo men, coupled with Keaton’s bowl wig and bad makeup are unsettling enough. The knee-high socks push this sketch over the edge.

This is what happens when kids’ programming goes wrong. Is this one as good as the Easter sketch? Not quite, but it’s a close second.

(Via Mashable)