Michael Rooker’s Ending For ‘The Walking Dead’ Is Total Perfection

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12.19.16 6 Comments

We don’t know when AMC will end The Walking Dead, which just wrapped up its seventh season. There have been reports that it could run for 12 seasons. Given the faltering ratings and unkind season 7A reviews, however, 12 seasons may be a stretch. Robert Kirkman is on record, after all, saying that the comic will outlast the TV series, and that the ending to the TV series may be completely different than the one for the comics.

What we do know is this: Robert Kirkman has a hopeful end in mind for the series. The way he sees it, The Walking Dead is “about humanity overcoming this insurmountable apocalyptic situation.”

Michael Rooker, who played Merle Dixon on The Walking Dead, may have the perfect hopeful ending in mind. Speaking to the audience at Walter Stalker Con this weekend, Dixon offered his theory about how the show should end, and it is perfect.

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