‘Parks And Recreation’ Creator Michael Schur Is Taking A Trump-Induced Twitter Break

Michael Schur, the creator of the most politically optimistic sitcom of all-time, the beautiful tropical fish that is Parks and Recreation, is taking a “post-election Twitter break.” And just like Parks and Rec, he’s signing off with one hell of a finale (except real life didn’t end with a woman in the White House).

Posting as Ken Tremendous, an alias he used on the David Eckstein fansite Fire Joe Morgan, Schur explained over 28 tweets that he needs a social media breather not because his staff took away control of his account, but because “America, in its collective wisdom, has elected a vain, violent, ignorant, sexist bully as our President.” He continued, “Not everyone who voted for Trump is a racist, or a misogynist. But they did vote for a racist and a misogynist. They voted for a man who was happily, enthusiastically endorsed by the actual KKK. And who wouldn’t even denounce that endorsement. His voters saw him say he liked to grab women by the pussy, then watched as a dozen women accused him of assault, and they voted for him. They saw him present zero real ideas, change his mind constantly, and present no vision except to ‘Make America Great Again.’ They saw him invent his own reality, repeat lies as if they were truths, and utterly dispense with basic civility.”

Schur spread the blame for how the host of The Celebrity Apprentice — a man who’s been accused of allegedly “repeatedly raping a 13-year-old girl” — came to be America’s next president, including the “for-profit news business, who happily covered his rallies and hired his henchmen as talking heads,” the media for equating “Clinton’s emails with Trump’s litany of absurd personal, professional, political, and ethical failings,” and the “Republicans and Democrats alike who treated him like a joke instead of flatly stating that he was a dangerous and unserious person.” Other highlights (?) include:

Schur tried to end on a positive note…

…but that didn’t last long.

You can read the rest of Schur’s thoughts here.

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