Mindy Kaling Has Fans Of ‘The Office’ Wondering How Michael Scott’s Ted Talk Would Go

It’s been four years since The Office went off the air, but fans are still combing through episodes, developing dark theories about serial killers and are wondering what the drones of Dunder Mifflin are up to these days. Even some of the brilliant people behind the show are having trouble letting the characters go.

For example, Mindy Kaling lit a fire under Twitter when she made a simple tweet about writing a Michael Scott Ted Talk, which quickly led to a crowdsourced episode that will now exist comfortably in our imaginations forever.

The spine of the story seems to be Michael Scott’s awareness of Ted Talks, but not really knowing what happens at Ted Talks. Who is Ted? What is he talking about? Will the graduates throw their hats in the air? Is he going to have to bring up Scott’s Tots?

What would Michael Scott even talk about at his Ted Talk? He’d probably look to the fact that you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, and just wing it with a suit pocket full of fun-size candy bars.

Or maybe he’d take a tougher path? Prison Mike could make an appearance midway through. You know — a ying-yang thing. The ‘Michael’ all cursive, the ‘Scott’ all caps. Left brain, right brain. The duality of man.

No matter what angle he’d take, you know he’d be pimping his forthcoming book: Somehow I Manage.