Michael Shannon Told Letterman He Was Once Convinced That Bill Murray Absolutely Hated Him

06.11.13 5 years ago 21 Comments

michael shannon letterman

Forgive us…we owe you, the dear readers of UPROXX, an apology. Lost in our glee over Letterman’s giddy reaction to having a band made up of attractive young women performing on his stage last night, is that fact that the endearingly odd Michael Shannon was also a guest and shared a hilarious anecdote about reigning UPROXX Man of the Year Bill Murray, specifically about how the Man of Steel and Boardwalk Empire star thought Murray hated him when the two worked together years ago on Groundhog Day (Shannon was the kid eating an omelette in the diner each day, and he also loved Wrestlemania).

As Shannon tells it, he desperately wanted to get to know Murray, but his plan to bond with him over a shared love of The Talking Heads sort of backfired, and he was convinced that Murray hated him. Without spoiling anything, Harold Ramis then intervened. Enjoy! (Also, stick around toward the end for a heartwarming tale about how big of a dick Sidney Poitier once was to Shannon when he was a young actor!)

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