Michael Sheen And Jimmy Kimmel Talked About Sarah Silverman’s Dad To Break The Tension

Take an ever so brief moment to think about your ex. What if I told you that, at some point after you two split up, you would have to talk to him or her in front of an audience? Sounds weird, right? Jimmy Kimmel has already had to survive this very task with ex Sarah Silverman on Jimmy Kimmel Live, but it gets worse.

On Thursday night, the host sat down with actor Michael Sheen to discuss Silverman because — drum roll please — Sheen is dating the comedian. So yeah, upgrade your already horrifying meet-the-ex-again scenario with meet-your-replacement.

Never fear, for the two grown adults decided to break the ice by talking about Silverman’s dad, Donald. Or as Sheen calls him, “a man amongst men.” So there’s the third part of this awkward throwback — the ex and the father sitting at home, watching the boys talk about them on national television.