Michael Che Is Going To Be Michael Che, So Deal With It

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Meeting Michael Che in his office on the 17th floor of 30 Rockefeller Plaza would be considered a “home turf” interview. Visiting that famous 17th floor is always intimidating. It’s lined with pictures of SNL cast members past and present, never letting you forget just where you are. The last time I was here, the show was off for winter break. It felt more like a museum. On this night, it was time for the famed Tuesday night writing sessions for the show Kristen Wiig will host four days later. There are real-life familiar faces everywhere. Kate McKinnon walks by and kind of gives me one of those, “Why is this stranger in my way?” kind of looks. New cast member Alex Moffat walks from one office to another. It kind of feels like a dormitory during the week of finals. Everyone has a “it’s going to be a long night” look on their faces as they dart in an out of their respective offices.

Michael Che’s office is tucked away in an area that I’d never be able to find if I wasn’t led there. For being an office building, there are a lot of surprising nooks and crannies to this floor. Che’s office is small, and it seems even smaller when the much-taller-than-expected Che stands up.

On November 25th, Netflix will release Che’s comedy special, Michael Che Matters. Filmed in August, it’s an hour of Che’s opinions on social matters from Black Lives Matters, to Donald Trump, to the many times people on social media have gotten mad at him for the things he’s said. As Che admits though, current events in our world change so fast and his opinions on Trump have changed drastically since this was filmed in early August. (Che jokes there should be a disclaimer that this was filmed in August.)

Not surprisingly, Che comes off a little guarded at first, as any normal human being would at the beginning of a long interview. Over the course of just under an hour, Che’s guard did seem to let down a bit and he became a very compelling interview. He’s honest and straightforward. He’s funny, he’s thoughtful, and he can be controversial. He still thinks Trump should have hosted SNL last season. I admit to him that I disagree with that. And that’s the thing, I may not always agree with him, but he’s always honest and he explains why he feels the way he does.

Michael Che is Michael Che. And in an era of constant fakery, there’s something to be said for someone who is real.

On the way from my apartment to 30 Rock, I read that my shoes have been declared the official shoe of neo-Nazis.

I just found out about that today.

I have to get new shoes.

The Neo-Nazi party, I don’t know that they are allowed to just say what businesses’ brand statement is. They can say that about anything. What if they said that about Coca-Cola? Then is Coca-Cola not delicious anymore?

Well, since I was also drinking Coca-Cola, I’d really be having a bad day.

Exactly. I think with something like New Balance sneakers, people will make New Balance sneakers the victim of that because it’s easy to cut New Balance sneakers out of your life.

These are kind of new. Do I have to get a new shoe right now?

Why is anyone listening to the Neo-Nazi party?

Because it’s fucked up right now.

Don’t listen to anybody! Let’s just pretend for four years these people don’t exist. Like, it’s not a thing. It only affects us if we let them. Like, I could care less what the Neo Nazi party truly believes. They also believe in Christianity. That doesn’t mean I can’t believe in it.

Maybe I should just get Nikes.

Wait until you find out how Nike makes their sneakers. It’s way worse than what the Neo Nazis say! What until you find out who makes these. Oh my lord. If you’re only looking to buy products from good people, good luck being buck-naked. Because I’ve got to tell you, you’re not going to find a lot of choices.

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