First Footage Of 'Walking Dead' Season 3 Shows Michonne Making Zombie Heads Roll

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07.09.12 21 Comments

Season three of The Walking Dead kicks off in October. The marketing team at AMC is wisely exploiting the show’s two biggest new assets: The Governor (David Morrissey) and Michonne, the katana-wielding character who was introduced in silhouette at the end of last season. The show has a lot riding on these two: The Governor’s plotline is the heart of The Walking Dead graphic novels, and Michonne is easily the most exciting new character introduced to the show’s universe so far, an ultra-cool motherf—er who hasn’t met a zombie head she couldn’t casually remove.

The first unspoken rule of badassery, of course, is to speak with your actions and not your words, in that regard, Michonne exhibited total badassery in season two finale, saving Andrea from a two zombies. In this first footage from season three — introduced in an episode of The Talking Dead last night ahead of Comic Con — three zombies stand between Michonne and a couple of aspirin.

Michonne 3. Zombie Heads: 0.


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