‘King Of The Hill’ Genius Mike Judge Has A New Show Coming Up On Cinemax (With A Country Twist)

Getty Image / Fox

Can Mike Judge make viewers care about country music oddballs on the same level they care about propane, staplers, and needing TP for one’s bunghole? Cinemax says yes!

Judge, who boasts a resume ranging from Beavis and Butthead to King of the Hill to Silicon Valley, is the co-creator of a new series on the premium cable outlet. <em>Deadline reports that Mike Judge Presents: Tales From the Tour Bus will place its focus on ” tales of some of country music’s most eccentric characters.” We don’t imagine Chris Gaines will pop up in the eight episode order.

There’s a reliability to Judge’s TV work that gives this sort of thing weight beyond sounding like a goofy vanity project. Ditto Judge’s work in Arlen, Texas fleshing out stories and characters in a country-friendly world. That seems to explain why Cinemax tapped the project for its first comedy offering since they played SCTV. The network has shifted from a go-to softcore porn joke magnet to a softcore porn joke magnet with an evolving identity. (In December, Cinemax leaned in hard on the strategy of putting out “pulpy, high octane” fare.) Tales From the Tour Bus sounds like a cult proposition and that’s perfectly alright. If things go swimmingly, maybe Cinemax can weasel another animated series out of Mike Judge.

(Via Deadline)