Miley Cyrus Is Going To Perform Live On The Series Finale Of ‘Chelsea Lately’

I hope E! likes fines from the FCC, because Miley Cyrus is set to perform on the August 26th finale of Chelsea Lately. Because while Chelsea Handler may be sick of Justin Bieber and the Kardashians, Miley Cyrus is still apparently A-OK in her book. Actually that’s not fair — on the scale of obnoxious celebrities, Miley Cyrus comes nowhere near those other turds.

Anyway, according to E! Online, Miley is set to perform Roy Orbison’s “It’s Over,” which she posted on Instagram earlier this week. “It’s Over” is actually a beautiful song, so it remains to be seen how Miley plans to raunch it all up. I fully expect her to transition to “Bangerz” mid song, rip off all of her clothes and fire up a joint. I guess we shall see.

Here’s Orbison performing “It’s Over” for the BBC in 1975: