Miley Cyrus Bid Farewell To The Worst Things About Summer 2015 On ‘SNL’

Summer 2015 gave us Magic Mike XXL and the “Get Schwifty” episode of Rick and Morty. But otherwise, it was a pretty terrible couple of months. Kim Davis, the dentist who killed Cecil the Lion, Rachel Dolezal, the cast of Entourage — these are all people I hope to never hear about, or from, ever again. Miley Cyrus bid them all farewell by singing “My Way” during the SNL season premiere.

After joking about constantly being on a seven-second delay, because she’s a stoner you see, Miley also said goodbye to the Drake/Meek Mill beef, Josh Duggar, and the donut Ariana Grande licked, which was a real thing that people “cared” about for a few days this summer. What a time to be alive.