Miley Cyrus Will Probably Make The Joke We're All Expecting Her To On 'SNL' Tonight

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10.05.13 12 Comments

No, not twerking. Never twerking. Rather: considering Miley’s ongoing tiff with Sinead O’Connor, which is a really terrible way to begin a sentence in 2013, and the fact that she’s hosting SNL, it’s gonna happen.

We’re told that all the recent controversy over her raunchy behavior — and public battle with Sinead O’Connor — has just “got Miley’s creative juices flowing,” as insiders describe it. (Via)


One NBC source told us of the “We Can’t Stop” singer, “She has been coming up with so many wild ideas that Lorne Michaels has had to rein her in. No topless twerking. Her mom is there with her. ”

We’re told the cast members have been jockeying to play O’Connor, who tore up a picture of Pope John Paul II on SNL in 1992. But another source said, “The biggest coup would be to get Sinead herself.” (Via)

What’s the modern-day equivalent of tearing up a photo? Unfollowing on Twitter? Dick move, Mil(ol)ey.

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