Here’s The Footage Of Miley Cyrus Smoking Weed MTV Doesn’t Want You To See

Two versions of the MTV Europe Music Awards aired last night. In the first, the one seen in Europe, Miley Cyrus took out a joint after accepting the award for Best Original Pornographic Lick of An Ice Cream Cone with a Social Message, or something, and lit it up. (The ceremony was filmed in Amsterdam and Miley is nothing if not every college student who loudly flaunts smoking weed while visiting. She left her Bob Marley and Animals album cover posters at home, though.) In the second: viewers saw…nothing. That’s the one that was broadcast here in the States, because somebody was thinking of the children. No one was thinking of decency when THIS happened:

And to thousands of teenagers, Biggie will forever be known as, “He kind of looks like that fat black guy underneath Miley’s boobs.” Just as he wanted.

(via Getty Image)