Mindy Kaling Has Given Us An Early Christmas Gift: Wreath Witherspoon

12.16.14 4 years ago 6 Comments

Last week’s The Mindy Project saw Danny and Mindy at odds over how to celebrate the yuletide season. Danny wanted traditional Catholic decorations (boring!) and Mindy, well, she wanted half-naked Rihanna tree-toppers. The compromise came in the form of what is now known as a Wreath Witherspoon. Basically it’s a traditional wreath with pictures of Reese Witherspoon plastered all over it. It’s also a creation of pure genius and it may just be the start of Kaling’s multi-billion dollar pop-culture infused DIY Christmas decoration line (which is probably already in the works and will launch in Target stores everywhere next year).

But until then, Wreath Witherspoons are taking over the internet and some savvy Etsy users are capitalizing on all of the holiday hoopla. After the hashtag #WreathWitherspoon gained some traction, Kaling posted a collage of some of her favorite fan made Witherspoon-inspired wreaths:


Witherspoon was apparently also a fan:

And now, variations of the wreath including this one on a T-shirt being sold on Etsy, are becoming a thing:

We’re still waiting for #AwreathaFranklin and Sandra Bullock’s new holiday moniker “Sandy Claus” to take off.

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