Mindy Kaling Provided Comedic Relief With Her Harvard Law Commencement Speech

Mindy Kaling told the crowd of the nation’s next top lawyers at today’s Harvard Law graduation ceremony that she was excited to be speaking to them, because who better to send them out into the world than the star of The Mindy Project on Fox? Actually, there didn’t need to be a good reason for her to be there, as she simply wanted to make these hard-working students smile after they had to listen to Preet Bharara, the U.S. attorney for the southern district of New York, bore everyone with her thoughts about justice or whatever. (Just kidding, please don’t throw me in prison.)

Before she eventually talked about her parents’ pursuit of the American dream and offered her own celebrity advice on what to do after law school, Kaling made them all laugh with joke after joke about life, love and Guy Fieri. Actually, the biggest zinger probably came at Justin Bieber’s expense, as she referred to him not as a pop star but as a “noted drunk driver.” All in all, Kaling’s wisest words of wisdom referred to her know-it-all celebrity peers, as she pleaded with these future politicians and Supreme Court justices to “Try to be the type of people who give advice to celebrities and not the other way around.”