Mindy Kaling Teases More ‘Sex & Drugs’ On Hulu’s Version Of ‘The Mindy Project’

A few weeks have passed since Hulu picked up Season 4 of The Mindy Project. The show is wasting no time with a new plan, and the writers’ room will meet up on Monday to create magic.

Mindy Kaling spoke at Saturday’s NYC BookCon to promote her newest memoir, Why Not Me? B.J. Novak was on hand as moderator and to confirm their upcoming relationship book and printed lovefest. The topic shifted to The Mindy Project, and Kaling expressed excitement for the Hulu switch. She promises the show will take advantage of the lack of network constraints:

“My TV show, which is the love of my life, has been through a lot of changes… It’s like being in a really rocky relationship — it’s been more dramatic than any love life has been, this show that’s about romance and dating.”

Now that the show is off network television, can fans expect more risqué shots of her onscreen beau, Chris Messina? “Can we just be all sex and drugs? Matt [Warburton] and I are both smart writers but also repressed people. We decided we want people who tuned into the show to tune in for two reasons: because we’re doing things we couldn’t do on network TV, but also not giving up what people love … And so much of romance comes from restraint, and the things you don’t see … I always have to remind myself that a little goes a long way.”

But don’t worry, she reassured: “I think we are gonna push the envelope in ways we haven’t been able to, which is great.”

Mindy also revealed that her character will find a new female friend this season. She lamented how “hard it is to make friends as an adult woman.” Ain’t that the truth? In high school and college, ready-made friendships are easy to find. When you’re an adult, “you wonder what the motivations are” when someone hits you up after spin class. Mindy adds, “It’s much harder to find someone you want to talk to than a man you want to sleep with.” In a way, The Mindy Project‘s new female friendship sounds even more interesting than the promise of sex and drugs.

(Via & Hollywood Reporter)