Fox Has Canceled ‘The Mindy Project’ And Hulu Is Waiting To Come To The Rescue

Fox has decided to finally pass on The Mindy Project, but that doesn’t mean the future is too grim for Mindy Kaling’s sitcom. Universal Television is currently in talks with Hulu to pick up the series for multiple seasons, adding yet another bit of ammunition into Hulu’s arsenal. The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Mindy Kaling to talk about the prospect of moving to Hulu and how far she sees the show going if things go well:

“I just think there are more stories,” Kaling told THR about jumping networks should Fox opt out. “I do think there’s more to tell, and I think fans would be disappointed not to see more adventures with these characters. But I came from a show [The Office] that I was on for eight seasons, and it continued for another year after that, so I am accustomed to long runs of television shows. I would be up for that challenge.”

It’s hard to deny the allure from streaming platforms like Hulu and Netflix. Instead of being at the mercy of the advertisers, you’re directly at the mercy of the consumer and can live or die on the quality of your show. Even then, there are more chances to take.

Could be interesting to see what happens with other shows that are on the bubble with networks (hello, Constantine). If they can find some place on a streaming platform, they might benefit from the new surroundings.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)