Minka Kelly's Mom Was a Stripper

10.12.10 8 years ago 9 Comments

Esquire has named Minka Kelly of “Friday Night Lights” the Sexiest Woman in the World, which basically means she was the first starlet who was available for the interview and photo shoot. But who am I to nitpick with the selection process? Esquire took sexy photos, and I’m gonna lorem ipsum for a while to make this look like a respectable operation. Look, she talks!

“My mom lived a fast life,” she says now. “It was all about what we could do to have fun with nothing. She — for most of my life, she was a dancer. An exotic dancer. She was a stripper. Um, so she would come home at like three, four o’clock in the morning, and sometimes she would have a really great night, and so she would wake me up in the middle of the night and we’d go to Ralphs and go grocery shopping.”

Mother of the Year.

“And that was so much fun. We’d have the whole grocery store to ourselves, and we would have a blast and buy a hundred dollars in groceries. And it was just the best day ever. The best day.” [Esquire]

Whew, I thought that blockquote would never end. Let’s ogle the photos and video already.

Photos by Yu Tsai for Esquire

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