Mischa Barton Hosted An Atlantic City Party And Was The Only Person In The VIP Area

Hey, let’s check in with Mischa Barton, shall we? Well, the last time we heard from Barton, she was playing a “tough talking prostitute” on Law & Order, and then … Well, not so much.

Last Saturday night Mischa Barton surfaced, however, hosting a party at Harrah’s Atlantic City nightclub, Pool After Dark — an event which she showed up to by herself, didn’t talk to anyone, and drank a bunch of booze. The vultures at TMZ reported:

Barton was the celeb guest host for Pool After Dark last Saturday night at Harrah’s Resort. A rep for the club tells us hosts usually have entourages 5-15 people deep, but the former “O.C.” star thinned her crew down to a party of one.

Sounds like Mischa could’ve used a wingman — we’re told she stayed at the club until 3:00 AM, talked to no one, ordered a bottle of champagne and a bottle of tequila, and did shots … by herself.

You could look at this story a couple of different ways. One being that a sad, former It Girl shows up to her own party, by herself, and drinks the night away, by herself.

Or, you could look at it that Mischa Barton just GOT PAID so suckers who forked over what I’m sure was an ungodly cover charge to share the same air space with Marissa Cooper had to stand behind a velvet rope while she indifferently threw back some champagne and tequila, because MISCHA BARTON AIN’T CARE.

To her credit, she did at least take a moment out of her evening to snap a photo with “DJ Ed Smooth.” (I’m assuming named as such for the smoothness of his head.)