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To recap: Miss USA judge and talentless hack Perez Hilton asked Miss California Carrie Prejean for her opinion on gay marriage, and she politely but inelegantly said she didn’t agree with it.  And so Perez called her a bitch and a c-nt in video blogs.  Because she gave him her opinion WHEN HE ASKED FOR IT.

Prejean, in turn, appeared on “The Today Show” to stick up for herself, where she awesomely tossed out the condescending “I’ll pray for him” line that translates into non-Christian English as “F-ck that guy.”

This is a tough one to sort out.  I’m all for equal rights and gay marriage, but I also happen to believe in free speech and not calling people “c-nt” just because they answer your question honestly.  I’m also for pretty girls and euthanizing idiots.  Long story short: we need a Playboy spread and some vigilantism.  But then, that’s my solution for everything.

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