Steve Harvey Was Roasted For His Huge Miss Universe Mistake At This Year’s Pageant

Last year’s Miss Universe was marked with scandal. Univision refused to air the pageant after Donald Trump said that Mexico is sending America “criminals” and “rapists” and “people that have lots of problems,” and host Steve Harvey suffered a brain-fart for the ages. Instead of announcing Miss Universe’s rightful winner, Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach, he read Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez Arevalo’s name, the “1st Runner Up,” before correcting his mistake. Harvey’s blunder lead to conspiracies, death threats, card-reading lessons, and, of course, Trump adding his two cents.

This year’s Miss Universe (the show’s first since Wurtzbach won — the pageant skipped 2016), meanwhile, was free of controversy. Miss France Iris Mittenaere was crowned the winner, and Harvey, who was invited back to host, was able to read her name without screwing anything up. The Family Feud host was, however, mocked by the new Miss Columbia, Andrea Tovar.

After telling Tovar, “I want you to marry my son,” he asked her about his reputation in her country, post-gaffe. “I wanna just ask this for myself, how do people in Colombia feel about Steve Harvey?”

“You want the truth?” she asked.

“No, just lie to me,” he joked, grimacing.

“A lot of people hate you,” she said. “But I love you!”

She went on to answer the rest of his question in Spanish, to which Harvey joked, “Is that a death threat?” (Via)

Later in the show, right as the winner was about to be announced, Wurtzbach (who earlier thanked Harvey for “making me the most popular Miss Universe,” to which he responded, “I want to thank you for making me the most famous host of Miss Universe”) arrived on stage to hand Harvey a present: a pair of thick reading glasses. “Thank you, Pia,” he said. “A year late, but thank you.”

Maybe now Harvey will be able to see who he’s working with.

(Via USA Today)