Miss USA Is An America-Loving, Active-Duty Army Officer

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2016 is a year where no matter what we’ll see someone new voted into the office of President of the United States, and it’s safe to say that there is a lot of patriotism in the air. What a time to love America, right? So while America has its hopes and dreams pinned on either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton (or maybe, kind of maybe Bernie Sanders still?), we are still in the business of crowning Miss USA. One that doesn’t make us all shake our heads or wonder why we should care.

Miss D.C. Deshauna Barber is probably the most American pick imaginable for Miss USA. According to BroBible, Barber enlisted in the US Army at the tender age of 17, completing an ROTC program in college. In fact, she still serves. She’s actually a serving officer.

“I have not seen any action overseas. But I have been officially an officer for five years. I’ve been in command at a logistics unit at Fort Meade, Md., for two years now. It’s been amazing — really amazing.”

Her service is a family thing, with her father serving 24 years in the Special Forces before her. So no, she’s not just a pretty face; this Miss USA is in fact quite the ass kicker and patriot in her own right. She’s a real person, too, which comes through when she talks about a recent deployment of one of her best friends via her Instagram.

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Today was a slightly hard day for me. My best friend deployed to Afghanistan last week and I will be honest, I am scared and I miss her dearly. Coming from an army family I recognize the dangerous sacrifices soldiers make everyday and the anxiety that comes with knowing your loved one is overseas. I thought to myself what does her deployment mean to the country? What does her sacrifices mean to this nation I call home? I thought to myself, What does it mean to wear this uniform and stand in front of our flag? I realize it means much more than just patriotism or love for a single nation. This uniform to me means standing up for LOVE and FREEDOM in a world that lacks it. Considering all the events happening nationally and internationally, I feel most inclined to say God Bless America. I feel most inclined to say "I Am A Proud American". Every Time I put on my uniform I thank God for allowing me another opportunity to represent the greatest nation in the world. We have come along way and have a long way to go. Regardless of our hurdles as a nation and as a people of the United States Of America let us not forget the ones who have made the ultimate sacrifice so we can live each and everyday as a free people in a world that lacks freedom. Let us not forget the families that have suffered. Let us not forget that no country is or ever will be perfect. So in a nation filled with flaws it is our responsibility to perfect it, to fight for it, to sacrifice for it and with our very hands craft it into the best nation in the world with highest level of ethical standards and values. In a world filled with hate we must learn to love and to embrace each and every person to our left and right….. No matter their gender, race or religious beliefs. We must do this not only because it is the right thing to do but because of the soldiers that have died and risked their lives so we can all live as a diverse and equal nation. God Bless America🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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