‘Mistake’ Or Not, ‘Better Call Saul’ Is Already Getting A Second Season From AMC

Earlier this month, it was reported that production for the first episode of the Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul was already a week behind, and co-showrunner Vince Gilligan was worried that it might even be two weeks behind. In fact, the whole mess had him openly wondering if this show was a “mistake” along the lines of After M*A*S*H, but we all chalked that one up to pre-production jitters, and it seems that all is well in the land of attorney Saul Goodman. In fact, things are going so well that AMC has already ordered a second season of the show, adding another 13 episodes to the initial order of 10.

As for the whole idea of production problems and delays, AMC released the above set photo today, as if to tell us all, “See? Progress!” Additionally, AMC President Charlie Collier is busting out all of the buzz words to get us excited again.

“Production on ‘Better Call Saul’ is underway and we could not be more proud of nor more excited about the work to date. We join the fans in eager anticipation for this series and today we happily confirm that our initial ‘Saul’ order is for two seasons and a total of 23 episodes,” said AMC president Charlie Collier. “When introducing any series, especially one with the DNA of ‘Breaking Bad,’ there are countless factors to consider in making sure the show gets the launch it deserves. We have a strong history with Vince, Peter, Bob, the studio and so many involved with this production; we are enjoying the process on ‘Saul’ and all share a focus on making it a true television event. No half measures.” (Via Variety)

There is bad news, though. Better Caul Saul was originally going to debut in November, but it is now set for the first quarter of 2015, with the second season set for the first quarter of 2016. Specific premiere dates aren’t yet known, but AMC can’t sell us all of the meth at once, because otherwise we won’t come crawling back, begging for more.

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