‘Mockingbird: Marvel’s Most Wanted’ Gets A Pilot Order

Agents of SHIELD has been superb this season, and Agent Carter‘s second season looks like a promising followup to an excellent series. So, ABC appears to want to follow it up, by ordering a pilot for Mockingbird: Marvel’s Most Wanted.

For those unfamiliar, the pilot would follow SHIELD agent Bobbi Morse (Adrianne Palicki) and her ex-husband Lance Hunter (Nick Blood) as they hunt down supervillains, HYDRA agents, and assorted scum of the Marvel Universe. Well, Bobbi will hunt down supervillains. If this season of Agents of SHIELD is any indication, Hunter will screw up her operations with his machismo and complain a lot.

It’s not clear exactly how much it will cross over with its mother series, or who else might be cast, although ABC has been oddly insistent that the show is not a spin-off. That said, as Agents of SHIELD has embraced its superspy-meets-superheroes concept and stepped away from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s become great in its own right, so it’s not clear exactly what this new take could bring to the table.

One thing Marvel and ABC might try, and which would be exciting, is to make it a limited summer series that picks up once Agents of SHIELD ends in May. Agent Carter, Daredevil, and Jessica Jones all benefited enormously from shorter runs, and one arc, or a few short arcs, of hunting specific villains would suit the idea well.

The plan appears to remain that the pilot will air as an episode of Agents of SHIELD and if response is positive enough, it’ll go to series next year. Although we’re kind of hoping Fitz gets his own series, considering what a badass he’s been this season. Come on, ABC, you’ve made him a Scottish Indiana Jones, that deserves some play.

(via Comic Book Movie)