A ‘Modern Family’ Fan Was Arrested For Inappropriately Groping Sarah Hyland

Listen Modern Family superfans: It’s OK to watch, but it’s never, ever OK to touch, as demonstrated by a guy who was arrested last night in London for groping Sarah Hyland, who plays Haley Dunphy on the ABC sitcom. Granted, the report comes from the UK’s Daily Mail, and you often want to take anything reported there with a grain of salt, but in this case the account has been verified on Twitter by Hyland herself.

From The Daily Mail:

According to reports, Sarah was left in floods of tears when a male fan who asked her for a photograph grabbed her breast. Sarah is then said to have pushed the man away and screamed ‘Don’t touch me there!’ before her security stepped in to question the fan and pass the matter over to the police. Pictures from the event showed Sarah angrily pointing at a man believed to have been the one who touched her inappropriately.After the incident, Sarah is reported to have left the venue via the rear door in floods of tears.

Hyland took to Twitter afterwards to apologize to fans.

Her boyfriend, Matt Prokop, was more threatening.

That’s a nice gesture, although it would sound more menacing if it came from a guy who didn’t look like he just polished off a bag of Cheetos and was thinking about taking one more hit off his High School Musical bong before taking a nap.

Source: Daily Mail