Jesse Tyler Ferguson And Eric Stonestreet From ‘Modern Family’ Have The Most Delightful Twitter Fights

Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet, who play the Emmy and Golden Globe nominated Mitchell and Cam, respectively, on Modern Family, also appear to be two of the most delightful guys in television. Last month, you may remember that the two visited Stonestreet’s alma mater, Kansas State, and crashed Stonestreet’s old frat house. Stonestreet also vowed last month never to return to Ellen Degerenes’ show after she scared the crap out of him. AGAIN.

Stonestreet shouldn’t talk when it comes to pranks, however. Recently, when Jesse Tyler Ferguson left his phone behind, he stole it and went on a picture-taking binge.

It didn’t end there, however.

I really do feel like these two guys are real-life versions of their characters (minus the married part), and I think they’re great. Just don’t ask Stonestreet to take a picture with you if you oppose gay rights.