More 'Game Of Thrones' Characters Reimagined As '80s And '90s Stereotypes

Last month we enjoyed artist Mike Wrobel’s depiction of Game of Thrones characters if they lived in the 1980s and ’90s. Now he’s back with another set of our favorite Westeros residents as fashion stereotypes drenched in pastel and cheesy fashions.

There’s Tyrion Lannister in a shirt based on a Parker Lewis Can’t Lose episode. Khal Drogo and Bronn both look suitably badass in grunge gear and Adidas tracksuit, respectively. Cersei Lannister is looking as quarrelsome as ever in glam rock mode. Margaery Tyrell is channeling Six from Blossom (Don’t know about the future; that’s anybody’s guess).

And then there’s Theon Greyjoy in a picture which simultaneously made me laugh-groan and get the heebee-jeebies. All pictures (save for the last one) are from Mike Wrobel’s website here, here, and here. Prints are available in Wrobel’s Society6 shop.

Theon Greyjoy and (oh dear God) a hotdog.

Khal Drogo

Cersei Lannister


Margaery Tyrell

Tyrion Lannister

BogsBinny23 remixed it into a Grand Theft Auto: Vice City cover as well.