More Halloween Episodes, Please

10.25.11 7 years ago 20 Comments

I don’t know why, but I absolutely love Halloween episodes. I’m not even that big of a Halloween person — I still don’t have my costume yet. But there’s something about a TV show using its budget on awesome costumes and telling a Halloween story that will inevitably be more interesting and funny than my own Halloween (I’m going as Bill Lumbergh this year, mostly so I can drink whiskey from a mug all night).

ANYWAY. “Happy Endings” awesomely put its Halloween episode online two days early — WITH NO COMMERCIALS! It’s a great episode, and I’ve embedded it below. Max is hilarious in a baby costume (I guarantee you’ll laugh at the baby arms), Elisha Cuthbert dresses as a sexy Marilyn Monroe, and Damon Wayans Jr and the other blonde chick carry a strong B-story in the suburbs. (Cuthbert, in particular, should be getting some credit for her work as Alex this season. I thought her character was a little weak in Season 1, but she’s displayed some great comedic chops in the last couple of episodes.)

ALSO INCLUDED: a sneak peek at this week’s “Community.” Britta discovers that someone in the study group has homicidal tendencies. Man, I’m way more excited about this week than I have any right to be. It may have something to do with women who are professionally good-looking wearing sexy costumes.

[via THR and AV Club]

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