07.31.09 9 years ago 3 Comments

Anderson Cooper is basically the midway point between Richie Rich as a kid and when he dies and turns into Casper The Avuncular Coastal Elitist Ghost, so it’s hard to envision him as anything else but an asexual cherub of privilege.

Oh, but, what prurience dwells within his silver foxed head! In this clip from when he was filling in for Regis Philbin, he drops the “what’s your magic number?” question on Jillian Harris from “The Bachelorette”, only way more blunt, ’cause that’s how A-Coop gets down. She naturally feigns outrage and laughs it off before saying 13 factorial, or so I would assume, because if I were The Bachelorette, I’d totally slut it up like it were the $64,000 Slutting It Up Pyramid, which is a show I hope to start in my bedroom this fall.

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