‘Morning Joe’ Hosts Were Left ‘Speechless’ Over Donald Trump’s Comments On Poor People

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It’s almost impossible to find a moment of quiet on a morning news show, but that’s what happened on Thursday when the Morning Joe team were left “speechless” after watching footage from Donald Trump’s rally in Iowa. The president visited Cedar Rapids, where he discussed his preference for millionaires and billionaires, not “poor people,” running the economy.

”These are people that are great, brilliant business minds,” Trump told his faithful Hawkeye followers, with a hint of condescension. “That’s what we need. That’s what we have to have. So the world doesn’t take advantage. We can’t have the world taking advantage of us anymore. I love all people, rich or poor, but in those particular positions, I just don’t want a poor person. Does that make sense? If you insist, I’ll do it — but I like it better this way.”

After playing the clip, a stunned-looking Willie Geist said, “That could have been 2015. That could have been two summers ago. Donald Trump in his element. Soaking up the crowd. Talking about how rich his buddies are.” When the camera panned over to Mika Brzezinski, she couldn’t find the words. Any words, really. “Are you speechless?” Sam Stein asked, to which she responded, “I am.” That two seconds of silence was an MSNBC record.