Morning Links: Triceratops Dog. Pop-POP

09.09.11 3 Comments

I feel like every time I fill in, I post some sort of “Community” mash-up or song thingy. I get that some of you may not have the love for the show that Matt and I do. That’s fine. But you will NOT disrespect DJ Steve Porter on my watch. Do you hear me? NEVER.

WG Behind the Scenes: When I emailed this story to Matt yesterday, the entire body read “HOLY SH-T. MATT. THIS LINK,” and he responded, “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.” TNT Orders Pilot About Crime-Solving Dog [Warming Glow]

What? It’s all about her? Doesn’t sound like the Tyra I know. Tyra Banks’ iTunes playlist must be seen to be believed. [Best Week Ever]

Pretty cool… but not Triceratops Dog cool. The Hilarious Photoshops of True American Dog. [UPROXX]

Yes, please. Norm MacDonald wants to write Oscar jokes for Eddie Murphy. I support this kind of thinking. [Saturday-Night-Live]

The Weirdest Thing I’ve Ever Done. Here’s a post I did for With Leather about what I think a bunch of baseball players probably smell like. Nyjer Morgan’s got what plants crave! [With Leather]

I love this bastard. Tumbl on, you crazy douche. Jean-Ralphio from Parks & Recreation is my spirit animal. [EffYeahJeanRalphio]

More links after the jump, including more me and the greatest rap song ever produced.

Slide 6 completes me. Chris Evans Is Having a Blast on the Set of Avengers [Film Drunk]

Look, I get it. Hoverboards are cool. But there is a zero percent chance anyone but Shaun White could ride one without cracking open their skull like an egg. Nike Releasing Product From “Back To The Future 2″ That Isn’t A Hoverboard [Gamma Squad]

I do a pretty awesome Lil Wayne impression. Just wanted you to know that. “Tha Carter IV” Sells A Million, Lil Wayne Ascends The Throne [Smoking Section]

Sold. 17 Photobooth Pictures Featuring Puppies [Buzzfeed]

But where’s the dishwasher? Kate Winslet Talks Nude Scenes. And Yes, That Is a Purple Monkey. [FARK]

San Dimas or GTFO. The Best and Worst Schools in Movies [Moviefone]

This is disquieting. The Cast of “Sons of Anarchy” All Cleaned Up [Pajiba]

You have no clue how many bad action movies I’ve seen. Making up fake names and descriptions of action movies characters is pretty much my favorite thing ever. [My Tumblr Thingy]

I refuse to believe this isn’t the greatest rap song ever made. There’s not nearly enough music being made these days about evil aliens who are awesome at basketball.

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