Morning Links With Denim Hot Pants

You call them jean boxer briefs; I call them hot pants. Perfect for never-nudes and gay cage dancers. Hot stuff comin’ through! Only $61; Tobias Fünke-approved. [BuzzFeed]

101 Pieces of Defaced Currency. Some of these are pretty cool — I wish Spider-Man was on all one-dollar bills. [Uproxx]

Trivia Challenge! How well do you know your MMA fighters’ tattoos? Come for Brock Lesnar’s penis-sword, stay for the Nazi eagle and swastika. [With Leather]

Mickey Rourke: still awesome. Enjoy his candid responses as he calls his own movies terrible. [FilmDrunk]

12 minutes of footage: new Jurassic Park video game. If I can’t be a velociraptor and eat people, I’m not interested. [Gamma Squad]

Emo Llama, more TV news, and the delicious Kate Upton after the jump.

Emo Llama! So that’s what a Fall Out Boy fan looks like. [nickholmes]

Can you hear me now? This article about Paul Marcarelli — the longtime spokesman for Verizon — is one of the best things I’ve read all week. [The Atlantic]

Stop being so cool! A profile of “Community’s” Donald Glover: “NYU is like a Jurassic 5 concert—there are supposed to be black people there, but there aren’t.” [Village Voice]

Get in the back, fatty! A chunky “American Idol” fan claims that producers deemed her “unsuitable” to sit near the judges and moved her to the back. “Idol” denies the allegations. [The Daily What]

And finally, here’s two minutes of bikini runway madness via Danger Guerrero. A lot of these girls have freakishly long torsos, but the appearances by Kate Upton at 1:05 and 1:30 make it worth your while. She’s a lot better at walking than most girls.