Morning Links with Jesus Dog, Kate Upton, & the Ron Swanson Paper Doll

Of COURSE he’s a shepherd. [420mansion]

The Best of #Michael Bluth. Great, now I’m sad about “Arrested Development” all over again. Some wounds never heal. [UPROXX]

HNNNNNNNNNGGGG Kate Upton’s Scorching Photo Shoot for Complex. Two things that always get me turned on: sexy teenagers and barnyard animals. [With Leather]

Lithuanian Capital City Mayor Is the Honey Badger of Mayors. Seriously, this guy is my hero. Although that’s not a tank; it’s an armored personnel carrier. [UPROXX]

Cheat Sheet: 17 Fascinating Facts About Jack Kirby, King of Comics. Did you know that he was born with a third nipple on his back? That might be true! [Gamma Squad]

John Wall Claims Another Set of Ankles. I think this guy might have a future in basketball. [The Smoking Section]

Just Your Basic Amateur MMA Fight Breaking Out at a Russian Dolphin Pool. Six-way brawl at the slippery edge of a pool. Awesome hilarity ensues. [FilmDrunk]

Suck on THAT, Danger Guerrero. Pregnant woman goes into labor during the bar exam, finishes test. [mental floss]

Shark Week Just Got Sexy. Ladies, remember this one come Halloween. (click for larger) [fckyeahsharks]

‘The Good Wife’ all lookin’ sexy. See, now THAT’S how you advertise a TV show. [EW]

Rob Riggle Signs Development Deal with HBO. The funniest Marine in Hollywood was previously signed with CBS. I like this deal much better. [Deadline]

Six Movie and TV Universes That Overlap in Mind-Blowing Ways. I cannot accept that “The Wire” and “X-Files” exist in the same reality. [Cracked]

Stop Asking Alison Brie for Her Underwear Over Twitter. She much prefers you ask her in person. [ScreenJunkies]

The Ron Swanson Paper Doll. This is the manliest doll ever created. (Full size.) [flannelanimal]