Your Move, Heisenberg: They’re Making 99% Pure Meth In North Korea

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11.23.13 10 Comments

breaking bad meth

When Heisenberg hears about this, he’s gonna be pissed. (What do you mean he’s fictional? YOU’RE FICTIONAL.)

Five men have been extradited to the U.S. from Thailand for their alleged participation in a drug-trafficking ring involving the import of crystal meth produced in North Korea, a militarized nation that is one of the most reclusive in the world…That crystal meth was later seized by law enforcement, tested and found to be more than 99 percent pure — purer than the high-quality meth cooked by Walter White [in] Breaking Bad. (Via)

Heisenberg’s greatest legacy is being mentioned in every write-up about meth until the end of time.

(Via Al Jazeera)

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