Move Over, Kim Kardashian: Archer’s Pam Poovey Is Here To ‘Fix The Internet’

If you’re not sick of people sharing those photos of Kim Kardashian naked in Paper Magazine by now, then you’re probably at least sick of people sharing their opinions about them. The whole damn thing is nothing short of ridiculous, though, when you consider that we’re only a few years removed from Kardashian whining to her mom that she’d never pose nude again. However, people change their minds all the time, especially when there are empires to keep funded, and all we can do now is sit back and enjoy the mockery.

Fortunately, a real woman of power has come forward to “Fix the Internet” that Kardashian supposedly broke, and that woman is Pam Poovey. Archer’s foul-mouthed, ass-kicking cocaine enthusiast bared her backside for the world to see, and she’s still the love of our cartoon lives.