Watch Mr. Belding Crash A Live News Report And Continue To Live His Best Life

New York’s PIX 11 News was out this morning covering the Mets two-game lead on the Chicago Cubs in the National League Championship Series, when all of a sudden a passerby jumped in to crash the report and add his two cents. And not just any passerby. None other than Mr. Belding from Saved by the Bell, also known as Dennis Haskins, as he sometimes insists on being called. Like Mr. Belding is just going to walk by a live news report and not take the opportunity to remind the world that he used to be the principal of Bayside High? Please. That is like me seeing a Groupon offer for 15 bottles of wine for $65 and not buying that Groupon.

But while the quality of Groupon wine is yet to be determined, one of life’s constant certainties is that Dennis Haskins is always going to be the happiest dude ever, all the time. You can always count on good old Mr. Belding for putting a smile on your face.