Mr. Belding Is a Hype Man for Underground Rapper Action Bronson Now

A few weeks back, Dennis Haskins appeared briefly in an episode of “Mad Men” as the Head of Desserts for General Foods. His appearance caught me off-guard and actually took me out of the scene, because, well, it was Mr. Belding on “Mad Men” playing a character named “The Head of Desserts.” I tried hard to stay focused on what was happening on the screen, but all sorts of alarms were going off in my head, and it just wasn’t meant to be. You could have told me Don confessed to assassinating JFK under orders from a talking loveseat named Hector, and, while I would have certainly been skeptical, I could not have proved you wrong. Mr. Belding was the Head of Desserts. All bets were off. Surely, I told myself, this would be the strangest circumstance under which Dennis Haskins would cross my radar, at least for a few months.

Nope. Not even close.

Below, please find a video of Dennis Haskins standing on stage at a concert and introducing a rapper named Action Bronson (who appeared on a song titled “Meteor Hammer” with Ghostface Killah, which is fabulous on a number of levels). To clarify: Mr. Belding is now serving as a hype man for New York-based, Albanian-American rappers who have recorded with Ghostface Killah. Worlds are colliding in exciting ways, people. It was one thing when MTV2 laid “Bring the Ruckus” over the scene where Zack and Slater fight in the hallway, but that was a synthetic combination created by a hero in an edit bay. This is real life. Try to wrap your head around that.

Anyway, if all this doesn’t melt your brain a little bit, I honestly don’t know what will.

Thanks to Chet Manley for the tip, and for correctly assuming that Mr. Belding introducing a rapper who has performed with members of the Wu-Tang Clan would be the type of thing that interests me.