All The Things Mr. Garrison From ‘South Park’ Taught Us That No Other TV Teacher Would

Mr. Garrison — and for a few seasons Mrs. Garrison — is one of the more controversial teachers to ever grace our televisions. The South Park third-grade teacher has had some unpopular ideas, and could be rather harsh on his students at times, but a closer look reveals that he’s that the brilliant educator every young mind deserves.

He always encouraged his students to be inquisitive:

He knew that sometimes what his students really needed was a bit of tough love:

He described evolution in a succinct yet thoughtful manner that his students could easily understand:

He had a great deal of respect for the arts:

He had big ideas that could change our world in dramatic ways:

He was unafraid to stand by his convictions no matter how unpopular they were:

Like, really, really unpopular:

And yet, he was still capable of empathy for people in difficult situations:

Finally, he was one of the most influential authors of his time: