‘Mr. Robot’ Creator Sam Esmail Says Tonight’s Episode ‘Is Our Best One’ Yet

Senior Pop Culture Editor
08.10.16 7 Comments

Last week’s Mr. Robot — in which Joanna was even more terrifying than usual and Elliot discovered Darryl from The Office is a shady dude — was by far the best episode of the season. There were shootouts! Elliot hacked the FBI! There was a trip to China! Even Meryl Streep’s daughter and BD Wong discussing clothing was more exciting than the episodes before it.

But that’s apparently nothing compared to what’s in store for tonight. Creator Sam Esmail tweeted, “#MrRobot viewers, do NOT miss tonight’s episode. It is our best one to date. It also features one of my favorite guest stars.” He soon added, “To our streaming viewers, you should watch tonight’s episode of #MrRobot live with the commercials. Trust me on this.”

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