A ‘Leaked’ Season 3 ‘Mr. Robot’ Script Shows Elliot’s Reaction To President Trump

Senior Pop Culture Editor


Season two of USA’s Emmy-winning Mr. Robot ended — spoilers — with Tyrell shooting Elliot; Dom revealing that the FBI has known about fsociety for awhile; and world’s biggest Seinfeld fan Leon ruining Trenton and Mobley’s lunch break. Season three… won’t cover any of that. It will mostly concern Elliot talking to his therapist about President Trump. Creator Sam Esmail shared a “sneak peek” of a script for next season, which begins with Elliot in Krista’s office.

“I asked you this question before you never responded,” she says. “I’d like it if you answered this time. What is it about society that disappoints you so much?” Elliot quickly responds, “Oh, that’s easy. Donald Trump was just elected President of the United States.” Krista considers her depressed patient’s comment, “then nods,” according to Esmail’s script. “Good point.”

It will be interesting to see how all television shows react to a Trump presidency, but especially Mr. Robot, which astutely blurs the line between fiction and reality. The season two premiere featured a “cameo” from President Barack Obama, who announced to the nation, “The FBI announced today, and we can confirm, that Tyrell Wellick and fsociety engaged in this attack.” (The show was able to manipulate the news footage through editing and an Obama sound-alike.) That scene plays very different with Trump behind the podium — there would be more references to 400-pound hackers.

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