Uncovering All The Easter Eggs And Callbacks In The ‘Mr. Robot’ Season Finale

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09.23.16 3 Comments

Days after Rami Malek won his first Emmy for his performance in Mr. Robot, the USA Network wrapped up its second season with another enjoyably inscrutable finale (full rundown here). The finale left open far more questions than it answered, and maddeningly, it also created new questions that showrunner Sam Esmail will have to address next season and beyond.

The episode also kept one fan theory alive, and ruled out another: That Tyrell Wellick was dead, and Elliot had created another alter in Tyrell’s likeness. The episode did not, however, pick up on any of the Back to the Future Part II threads that began in part one of the finale. Mostly, however, it left us shaking our heads, wondering just exactly what Angela’s role in Phase 2 is, how long she has been involved, and what is the real nature of the relationship between Elliot and Tyrell.

While the finale may not have left viewers satisfied, it did pay off a few callbacks and drop a couple of Easter eggs to keep us satiated until next season. Taken together, the two-part finale probably contains several clues and other Easter eggs that won’t avail themselves until next season, once we have gained more information.

Season One Post-Credits Scene

For instance, it’s hard to make much sense of the season two post-credits scene with Trenton and Mobley, other than that they seem to believe they can “generate a key” to reverse the 5/9 hack. That’ll make more sense next season, just as season one’s post-credits scene with Whiterose and Price now makes more sense. Last year, Esmail was laying the groundwork for the Congo deal, Whiterose’s obsession with time, and Price’s plan for Angela.

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