‘Mr. Robot’ Is Somehow Going To Be Even ‘Darker’ In Season 2

Mr. Robot was one of the best shows of 2015 — the seventh best, specifically — but it was no one’s idea of a good time. “You know what I feel like doing after a long day at work? Watching a show with hacking, and murder, and suicide, and a collective known as fsociety, and a corporation called Evil Corp, and the Dark Army, and complicated father-son relationships, and drug addicts, and an unreliable narrator, and a dog that no one takes care of for multiple episodes at a time. That will relax me.” And yet, season one is going to look like Pee-wee’s Playhouse compared to what’s to come in season two.

That’s according to creator Sam Esmail, who, despite being married to Emmy Rossum, somehow isn’t the life of the party. In fact, much like Elliot (Golden Globe nominee Rami Malek), he hates parties. “One of the big things in my life that overlaps with Elliot is that I have tremendous social anxiety,” he told Rolling Stone. “I would get all the way [to a friend’s house], then leave.” Esmail also said that season two, which premieres July 13, will open 30 days after last year’s finale — which ended with fsociety successfully hacking Evil Corp, sending the world into chaos — and it’s going to be much “darker.”

“We’ve pulled the trigger, and the bomb has gone off,” Esmail says. “The reactions and consequences will go all over the place.” (Via)

In case all that financial doom and gloom still sounds kinda fun, don’t worry, Esmail has you covered. When asked about the Mr. Robot reveal, he explained, “A lot of people, when they read [the script], said, ‘Why don’t you do it as a movie that ends with that reveal?’ That wasn’t interesting to me. I wanted to do more of the aftermath: What do you do when you become aware that you have this disorder? There must be a lot of denial and shame and self-loathing. So that’s what season two is all about: watching Elliot figure out, A) can you live with this? And B) if you can’t, then what do you do about it?” Okay, but seriously, bring back Flipper. He’s cool.

(Via Rolling Stone)