The Revolution Needs A Leader In The First Trailer For Season Two Of ‘Mr. Robot’

“All I remember is I woke up three days later,” Rami Malek’s Elliot Alderson mumbles to his titular counterpart in the opening of the season two trailer for USA’s acclaimed series Mr. Robot. It feels like forever since we left Elliot in his apartment with a mysterious guest, just three days after fsociety’s master plan was executed and the economy of the United States, if not the world, was presumably f*cked. While we don’t yet know how bad the damage was, it was bad enough to get President Obama to make a cameo in this trailer. Bottom line: the little people are thrilled with fsociety’s grand hack, while the powers that be have their fancy underpants in a bunch.

As the trailer shows us, Elliot still has no idea what happened during the three days between his bonding time with Tyrell and the moment he woke up in Tyrell’s SUV, so we should at least expect to get some answers about that soon enough. Or not, because there are like a zillion other questions that need to be answered from the season one finale. Like, do Whiterose and Price really know who is responsible or do they only think they know? And who was at Elliot’s apartment? It was probably Tyrell wanting to know where his SUV has been. You know you’d be a little pissed.