Mr. Skin Has Essentially Named The Best Sex Scene Of 2014 Already, And He’s Not Wrong

In a profile in Rolling Stone this weekend, Jim McBride — aka Mr. Skin, a guy who was once considered something of a smut peddler — got the sort of respect afforded wealthy tech gurus, and why not? The guy has been around since 1999, and despite the fact that there’s nothing on his site that can’t be found with a simple Google search, and despite the proliferation of free porn, Mr. Skin had his most profitable year so far in 2013. The guy has been around 15 years now, and has catalogued 23,000 nude actresses, and now even the studios are sending him screeners because they know there’s no better publicity than nude publicity.

Mr. Skin also attributes the newfound success of two actresses in the last year to their nude scenes and the small role his site played in publicizing them: Margot Robbie in Wolf of Wall Street and Alexandra Daddario in True Detective. Of Daddario, Mr. Skin states:

“I saw her nude scene on our website,” he says. “I think it’s the best nude scene of 2014; I don’t think anything’s gonna beat it. She had done a few things prior to that, but now guys have awoken to the fact that she’s gorgeous, has these amazing breasts and all this other stuff. I know her Twitter followers went way up. My position is: If you have it, show it off.”

And the thing is, Mr. Skin — who attributes his rise in success to the frequency of nudity on Netflix, premium cable, and even WGN — is absolutely not wrong about that. The episode may have aired in January, but it seems highly unlikely a scene like that in a show so visible with such huge stars is going to come along again this year and unseat Daddario.

Source: Rolling Stone