MSN Is Considering Reviving NBC’s ‘Heroes’

Hayden Panettiere’s bitch face is a respectable reaction to news that MSN is considering reviving Heroes.

MSN, which is making a big push into original programming via Xbox, is in talks to revive NBC’s superhero drama Heroes, TVLine has learned exclusively.

Details remain sketchy, but sources confirm that MSN is interested in relaunching the once red-hot NBC Universal franchise with new stories and heroes, while mixing in cameos from the original series’ cast (schedules and interest permitting). The talks are said to be in the preliminary stages. (Via)

Want to know how you can save the cheerleader, save the world, minus the “saving the cheerleader” part, MSN? Instead of blowing millions and millions of dollars on a garbage franchise that had 22 good episodes and 55 miserable episodes, spend that money on ANYTHING else. Discover a way to put more images of Jennifer Lawrence on the Internet, find a cure for the common cold, literally hand Al Qaeda a sack full of cash with a dollar sign printed on the side — all preferable to more Heroes. IT’S FUNNY BECAUSE HIS NAME’S HIRO.


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